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RV and Cynthia King exclusivity

We are proud to announce that Roch Valley are the exclusive UK distributors for philanthropist and renowned dance teacher, Cynthia King, and her cruelty free, PETA-Approved Vegan Ballet Shoes, the Rebelle.

Presented in a branded Cynthia King mini tote bag. These Vegan split-sole stretch canvas ballet shoes feature fitted cross elastics and an enclosed stretch binding – drawstring free! Available in Brown, Black, or Pink. Contact your local Roch Valley stockist for full details.

A professional dancer since 1978, Cynthia King has been teaching and choreographing since 1986. Training extensively at the Boston Conservatory, King founded Cynthia King Dance Studio in 2002. King and the studio have become staples in the community, supporting civic and educational organizations and events. She is a dedicated and compassionate activist, proudly supporting non-profit organizations in and around her community.

In 2015 she established the Cynthia King Humane Artist Scholarship, awarded to dance students who embody compassionate and cruelty-free living.

“When you choose Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers, you have taken a graceful step towards reducing cruelty to animals and improving our environment. You not only help save the lives of the animals used in the production of shoes, but you also help to conserve the habitat of many others. Gorillas, chimpanzees, and many other species face deforestation and homelessness every day due to unnecessary destruction of their habitats for livestock production. Waterways around the world continue to suffer lingering effects of pollution from factory farms and tanneries, some closed generations ago. Using cruelty free ballet slippers directly conserves natural resources and saves lives.

Thank you for shopping responsibly and compassionately."

Cynthia King